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Former prosecutor faces more DWI charges

The former chief assistant prosecutor in Emmet County, Michigan, is in even more legal hot water after allegedly violating his probation in relation to a previous drunk driving arrest. The man was allegedly found to have an open container of alcohol in his vehicle when he caused a single-vehicle accident. That collision left him hospitalized and could result in additional alcohol-related charges.

Authorities report that the incident could cause prosecutors to re-activate a series of charges related to a prior arrest in 2013. The man was arrested twice for intoxicated driving during a two-week span in February. He had been employed by the prosecutor's office since 2006, according to official reports.

The man had previously pleaded guilty to DWI and open intoxicants in a motor vehicle in connection with the Feb. 6 arrest. In exchange, he received a one-year probation sentence, along with a fine of about $1,200. The man was also required to participate in drug and alcohol counseling, and he was ordered to stay away from intoxicants during his probation. The man was also subject to random drug and alcohol testing during this period.

A more serious charge from Jan. 19 was dismissed after the man pleaded guilty to the second set of charges. That case could be re-opened because the man violated his probation, according to local officials. He could face up to nine months' jail time in connection with that initial incident, along with $800 in criminal fines.

The former prostitute had been in rehab for some time after his second arrest.

The man would be wise to enlist the help of a qualified criminal defense attorney. These individuals can help him understand his legal rights and responsibilities after allegedly violating his probation. Furthermore, the attorneys can protect the man from unfair legal maneuvers that could be associated with prosecution activities. All criminal defendants are encouraged to consult a legal professional before making any decisions in their cases.

Source:  petoskeynews.com, "DWI case re-opened, more charges possible for former chief assistant prosecutor" Zac Britton, May. 03, 2013