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Michigan football player accused of theft

Michigan residents likely know that a mere accusation of a crime can be damaging. A person's reputation may forever be tarnished.

A Michigan football player is likely taking the accusations that were recently thrown at him very seriously. University of Michigan police arrested the man in June after they say he stole a laptop worth $1,800 from a dorm where he was living. He has been charged with second-degree home invasion.

Recently, news came that the defensive end was suspended from the football team along with another teammate who is accused of drunk driving.

The football player is scheduled to be back in court early next month.

Charges of this kind can be devastating. A person may face time behind bars, fines, probation and community service. In addition, a conviction could affect their college enrollment as well as their ability to hold on to grants or scholarships. It could even affect future career opportunities.

One report indicates that the football player has begun working with an attorney. Anyone in a similar situation would be wise to do the same.

An attorney can investigate the evidence in a case to determine the best course of action going forward. An attorney can also negotiate with prosecutors for a plea agreement. In some instances, an individual could face lesser penalties by pleading guilty to reduced charges.

As with all criminal cases, however, an individual remains innocent until their involvement in a crime is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Although the media and general public often assume an individual is guilty, people are entitled to share their side of the story in court.

Source: The Washington Post, "Michigan DE Clark suspended following arrest in theft of laptop from campus dorm room," Associated Press, July 24, 2012

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