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Investigators' caseloads may be factor in DUI mistakes

Tragically, motor vehicle accident fatalities continue to occur with far too much frequency in Michigan and across the country. When questions arise related to the possible use of alcohol or drugs by one of the drivers involved in a fatal crash, it's imperative that investigations in DUI homicide cases are thorough, accurate and timely.

In far too many cases, investigations of matters related to possible DUI convictions are taking months or even years to complete. Budget cuts are to blame and have resulted in investigators and lab technicians being overworked and overloaded with cases.

One former investigator, who spent 11 years dealing with traffic homicides, describes the caseload of many investigators as "absurd". Due to the amount of cases each investigator is handling, he admitted to being overwhelmed and overloaded and that it's easy to "start confusing cases".

Investigators who are overworked and handling too many cases at one time, pose an increased likelihood that mistakes may occur. Convictions related to DUIs are serious, especially when one or multiple fatalities are involved. If an overworked and tired investigator makes one mistake and misplaces or mixes up a document, an innocent man or woman could spend the rest of their life behind in prison.

Michigan residents facing charges related to DUI, especially when a fatality is involved, need to consult an attorney. An experienced attorney can help determine how evidence was obtained and processed. They may also be able to help prove an individual's innocence or help negotiate reduced fines or jail time.

Source: Naples News, "Arrests in vehicular manslaughter cases can take hours, years," Jacob Carpenter, July 9, 2012

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