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July 2012 Archives

Michigan mother faces misdemeanor charges

A Michigan mother has acknowledged that she made a mistake. However, she maintains that she is not an unfit mother after she allegedly left her three children in the car on a hot summer day as she ran into a store for ice cream and ice. The mother now faces misdemeanor charges.

Investigators' caseloads may be factor in DUI mistakes

Tragically, motor vehicle accident fatalities continue to occur with far too much frequency in Michigan and across the country. When questions arise related to the possible use of alcohol or drugs by one of the drivers involved in a fatal crash, it's imperative that investigations in DUI homicide cases are thorough, accurate and timely.

Former Central Michigan football player faces more criminal charges

He already faces three counts of felony drug charges. However, a former Central Michigan football player now faces additional criminal charges for a separate incident, including one count of larceny and one count of second-degree home invasion.