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Five women arrested for alleged shoplifting

Although shoplifting may not seem like a serious crime, those who are charged with theft could face harsh consequences. In addition to fines, community service and probation, a person could serve time behind bars.

Recently, police in one state arrested five women for alleged theft of merchandise. According to one source, the arrests were made after authorities made a coordinated effort to reduce organized retail theft at one local mall.

Police say three women were arrested around 2 p.m. on April 5 at a Bath and Body Works store. Authorities claim that hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from other stores was also found in the women's car. Authorities say they believe the women are a part of an organized retail theft ring.

Police made additional arrests at the same mall around 6:15 p.m. that same day. Two women were arrested at an Express store.

Although all five women were bailed out, they may have a long road ahead of them. In situations like this, it is often best to rely on the expertise of an experienced criminal defense attorney. An attorney can defend an individual against the charges while working to ensure that their rights remain protected throughout the entire process.

A misdemeanor conviction can seriously impact an individual's life. If convicted, a person could have trouble enrolling at a college and even obtaining grants or scholarships. In some cases, a person may even have trouble finding a job. However, an attorney can work to mitigate any possible consequences.

Source: BurlingtonPatch, "Burlington Police Arrest Five Women in Shoplifting Crackdown," Richard Hosford, April 6, 2012

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