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Judge rules trooper's personnel file can be used in drunk driving case

When people are charged with drunk driving in Michigan, a great deal is at stake. An individual could lose their license, they may face fines and even time behind bars. When someone is facing an OWI charge, as it is known in Michigan, they may feel overwhelmed and helpless. However, a recent story highlights the importance of having the right legal help.

A former Utah Highway Patrol trooper was recently in court and admitted to violating policies twice during a traffic stop in 2010. According to reports, the trooper left her microphone in her vehicle so that her superiors would not find out that she forced a driver to take a portable breath test before a field sobriety test was administered, which violates the agency's policies.

A 54-year-old man is facing felony drug charges and misdemeanor DUI charges. However, at the request of the man's defense attorney, a judge recently ruled that the trooper's personnel file can be used in the case.

Although people are required to follow traffic laws, law enforcement is also required to follow the policies put in place by their departments. It is not known how this specific case will end, but it illustrates that a person who is charged with a crime remains innocent until proven guilty. With a strong criminal defense attorney, an individual could face reduced charges or even have the entire case dismissed.

Michigan residents who have been charged with a crime would be wise to begin working with a criminal defense attorney. An attorney can investigate a case and work to defend an individual against the charges.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, "Utah Highway Patrol trooper admits violating policies," Aaron Falk, March 27, 2012

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