Charged With A Misdemeanor In Michigan?

A first brush with the law can be a harrowing experience. When your rights are under attack during and after a criminal arrest — and only aggressive representation can safeguard your freedoms and interests — the assistance of a skilled defense lawyer is essential.

If you are in need of experienced drug possession or drunk driving defense representation in Plymouth, Westland or surrounding communities in Michigan, lawyer Stacey L. Selleck of Selleck Legal, PLLC, can help. Our founding attorney places special focus on mounting credible defenses for all types of misdemeanor charges. Her track record of success for numerous satisfied clients is proof that we can help.

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Safeguarding Your Interests After A Misdemeanor Charge

We are well prepared to protect your rights when you are accused of:

Misdemeanor Charges Should Always Be Taken Seriously

Although a lesser crime than a felony, a misdemeanor conviction may still result in serious
criminal penalties: imprisonment in county jail, heavy fines, driver's license suspension, community service, alcohol/drug treatment or rehabilitation, probation and possibly more. A
misdemeanor may fall under federal or state jurisdiction, but it is typically tried in district
courts. Our misdemeanor charge lawyer in Plymouth aims to obtain the best results possible in every case.

Misdemeanor convictions may result in consequences beyond a jail term. You could encounter limited employment opportunities, denial of a professional license application, restriction or revocation of a driver's license, deportation or denial of citizenship for noncitizens.

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