Aggressive Driver's License Restoration Advocacy

Losing driving privileges due to multiple OWI or substance abuse convictions is never easy for Michigan drivers. The driver's license restoration process is complex, and any mistakes in the administrative hearing can lead to the petition being denied. Moreover, each denial remains a part of the record, making it that much more difficult to obtain a successful driver's license appeal in the future.

We Want To Help You Get Back On The Road

At Selleck Legal, PLLC, in Plymouth, we provide detailed guidance and aggressive advocacy to help individuals succeed in getting their licenses back. Our founding attorney has substantial experience in DUI defense and driver's license restoration matters. We want to help you to get back on the road.

Michigan law places a strong restriction on a person's ability to appeal a license suspension or revocation related to substance abuse convictions. Drivers may only seek a hearing before the Michigan Secretary of State's Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) once each year. The burden is on the driver to show sobriety and rehabilitation in order to regain their license. Many individuals do not fully grasp the magnitude of the evidence that is needed to convince the evaluator that there is a good prognosis that they will not relapse.

We can explain in clear terms what is expected in a successful driver's license appeal. Our experienced lawyer will review your unique circumstances and evaluate your eligibility for license reinstatement. We can help you prepare for the hearing, gather the necessary evidence and affidavits to support your case and represent you in the administrative hearing.

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Our lawyer is a strong advocate for drivers who have lost their licenses. We offer exceptional guidance and representation in Michigan DAAD administrative hearings — at affordable rates. With so much on the line, do not go it alone. To arrange a no-pressure, free consultation with our experienced driver's license appeal attorney in Plymouth, send us a message online or call 734-713-8995. We provide affordable legal services, delivered with integrity to individuals in Livonia, Westland and surrounding communities in Michigan.