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What is virtual visitation and how do you make it work?

Virtual visitation isn't a term that a lot of parents tend to stumble over when they're reading about custody and visitation -- but that may change as judges keep looking for new ways to give parents an equal share of parenting time while disrupting the lives of the kids as little as possible.

Child visitation, custody and drug addiction: What to know

Drug addiction has become a national problem -- with no sign that the epidemic is slowing anytime soon. Adding to the increasingly bleak picture, parents who are caught in the cycle of drug addiction risk losing visitation, custody and -- ultimately -- their parental rights.

3 tips to minimize back-to-school stress on co-parents

Summer vacation is drawing to an end and back-to-school supplies are starting to fill the aisles of grocery stores everywhere -- which means that a real headache is about to start for parents who are newly divorced and still struggling with the co-parenting process.

Shared parenting: The best choice for your children

Why exactly is shared parenting considered so important these days? While this system of raising children after a divorce has been around for several decades, it's still new enough that a lot of parents don't understand why it's so important to have nearly equal parenting time and a cooperative system of decision making when it comes to major issues.

What can happen when parents disagree over the child's religion?

It isn't unusual for people to turn to their faith in order to get through a time of crisis. When that happens after a divorce and the ex-spouses are of different faiths, the issue of what to do about the religious upbringing of the children can become particularly contentious.

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